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Ooligan is a not-for-profit general trade press that publishes books honoring the cultural and natural diversity of the Pacific Northwest.

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    Ooligan Reaches Out to Local Eco-Friendly Businesses

    In 2011, Ooligan Press released Rethinking Paper & Ink: The Sustainable Publishing Revolution. Expanded from a pamphlet of the same name written by former Ooligan …Read More »

    What’s Behind an Ooligan Cover?

    Last winter, Ooligan students were far too busy to notice Portland’s infamous rain—-we were hard at work on one of publishing’s most demanding creative challenges: …Read More »

    Small Maneuvers Is Making Big Strides

    So much has happened since our last post about this book! In the intervening months, Eliot Treichel’s manuscript—A Series of Small Maneuvers—has become a real …Read More »

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